How To Learn To Love a Job You Hate

April 18, 2022 by Approve Careers

Learning to be content with a job you hate isn't easy, and thus, you must decide first if you're up for the challenge. Try these methods to gain a new fondness for your job:

Zone in on What You Like

It's easy to focus on the things you like dislike, but try to zone in on what you appreciate about your position. For example, you may enjoy a sense of fellowship with your coworkers. Maybe you like the benefits and perks. Find something and shift your focus to how much you cherish it. Perhaps it will be enough to motivate you to show up every day.

Challenge Yourself To Be Innovative

Perhaps you hate your job because you don't think it's challenging enough. You could try being more creative and innovative in your approach. Design a new way to do the job that entertains or excites you but doesn't lower its standards. In other words, make it fun but follow the rules.

Fake It 'Til You Like It

Have you heard someone say, "Fake it, until you make it"? You can use that technique for a job you hate. Tell yourself you adore the work you do and every aspect of your daily job. Make an effort to keep a huge smile on your face daily as you work.

The process might seem forced or counterfeit, and it is, in a way. However, many people have successfully changed their mindsets using the method. Therefore, it won't hurt to try it. You might change your outlook on the job and end up so pleased you refer other people to your employer.

Try these methods for at least 20 days before you quit or ask to transfer. You might ignite a new flame and decide you want to stay after all.

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